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Networking and relationships are essential in life. Just look around. Everyone wants to belong, and everyone wants to feel included. Social media has provided numerous opportunities for people to connect in ways never before possible. However, there is something special about connecting with people on a deeper level than a screen. We need people to "do life" with. We need people to encourage us, challenge us, and hold us accountable as followers of Jesus.

At Immanuel, these relationships are primarily built through groups that meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM. Below you will find a list of our adult groups. If you have questions about these groups, visit our "info desk" on Sunday morning and you will be directed to a group that meets your needs. If you have other questions about our groups, feel free to contact Corey Speer at

College Class -  Crystal Alexander  -  Room 208

Young Adults  -  Landon Coleman  -  Small FH

Young Adults  -  Corey Speer  -  Room B

Bible HD  (all ages)  -  Don Sauls  -  Room C

DIGG  (all ages)  -  Josh Beard  -  Room 103/105

Logos (all ages)  -  Ron Hinsely  -  Room 101

Through the Bible (all ages) -  Angie Johnston  -  Room 102

Life (all ages)  -  Christian Akins  -  Stevenson Suite

CARE  (all ages)  -  Mark Dawson  -  Large FH

Women4Life (all ages)  -  Thelma Handley  -  Room 104

Quick Contact Information

Immanuel Baptist Church
4020 E. University Blvd.
Odessa, Texas 79762


PH: 432.366.4439


Weekly Schedule

9:00am Bible Study
10:30am Worship

9:00am Mother's Day Out
7:00pm Precept Bible Study

9:00am Mother's Day Out
6:30pm AWANA (Children's)
6:30pm Replenish (Adults)
6:30pm Thrive (Students)